Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 cake project #2: camouflage cake

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Noel, one of our close family friends here in California and also a member of the abtikdabarkads group. He is also my husband's firing buddy so i first thought of making him a rifle target cake but after doing some research realized that it would only look good with fondant.

So i decided to make him a camouflage cake instead and piped the frostings one by one (!) using a small star tip. I wasn't successful in getting the camo pattern and colors right 'coz i got lazy and only had primary colors available but i hope you get the idea hehe.. And surprise, surprise! it's a camouflage cake inside and out! :)

For the cake, i used a white cake recipe, divided the batter into three and colored them with green, dark brown and tan (achieved by adding only a little brown to the white batter). Then i randomly filled three 9-inch round cake pans with spoonfuls of the colorful batter. Here's how they looked before and after i baked them:

After the cakes have completely cooled, i stacked three layers and filled with store-bought rich and creamy chocolate frosting. I applied a thin crumb coat, let it rest in the fridge for about an hour, then took it out again to pipe the camouflage design. I used vanilla frosting colored with green and light brown and the remaining chocolate frosting. Like i said i got lazy and was running out of time so i randomly piped around the cake.
Here's the finished product... Happy 39th Noel! :)

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